British Academy Award for Dr Matt Graham

Dr Matthew Graham, along with Dr Lindie Koorts (University of the Free State, South Africa) have recently been awarded a British Academy Newton Advanced Fellowship for their collaborative project entitled, The Age of Opportunism: Paul Kruger’s Transvaal, 1886-1899. Their project aims to gain a deeper understanding into the role of transnational networks between capital and the state, in a society undergoing rapid modernisation within the context of globalisation. It will be anchored around a biography of Paul Kruger, the president of the Transvaal from 1883-1900, focussing specifically on the global forces at play in the late 19th century Transvaal and the transnational networks that arose in response to these.

In addition to the biography, Matt will use the fellowship to encourage greater collaborative links between the Scottish Centre for Global History at the University of Dundee and the University of Free State. This will be achieved through the organisation of various conferences, seminars, workshops and training sessions, held in both Bloemfontein and Dundee.