Workshop: Thinking the empire whole

The Scottish Centre for Global History is pleased to invite you to a workshop on Monday 20th May, 4:00-6:00pm, at Scrymgeour 1.08 to discuss Professor Steven Pinctus’s latest work on the British Empire.

The historiography of the British Empire before the end of the eighteenth century lies in pieces. It is hopelessly fractured and therefore frequently misunderstood. This is not only because the history of the British Empire is now, as it has almost always been, separated from metropolitan history. Rather, it is because in the more recent past, since the era of decolonization, the history of the British Empire, and empires more generally, has been mercilessly sliced apart into a variety of national histories. In this workshop we will discuss a working paper from Professor Steve Pincus, from the University of Chicago, that challenges us to reintegrate imperial history as global history. He offers a new perspective that is equally challenging to subaltern, national, and imperial histories. The discussion will be led by James Livesey and Steven Pinctus.

All are welcome.

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