• 'The Hon. E.I. Co. Iron Steam Ship Nemesis... destroying the Chinese War Junks, in Anson's Bay, January 7th 1841', by British artist Edward Duncan, 1843. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Welcome to the Scottish Centre for Global History

The Scottish Centre for Global History is a public history space for post-graduates and academics from around the world to share their ideas and research in Global History.

Our platform is focused on the development of Global History; the democratisation of the field; and stimulating debate. To that end, we are flexible in how contributors would like to approach a potential publication. For more information see our 'Write for Us' page or previous blogs.

Internally, the centre brings together members of the School of Humanities and other academic schools at the University of Dundee with interests in Global History. Our work spans the globe from India to Argentina, from Canada to South Africa and range from the sixteenth to the twentieth century. For more information see our 'About Us' page.

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