Postgraduate Teaching

The centre provides a major focus for the MLitt in History. Nearly all members of the centre offer postgraduate teaching that form part of the degree pathway. One of the core modules for the MLitt is the revamped class ‘Global Empires‘ which provides a comparative study of the major historiography of the Dutch, British, French and Spanish Empires in the Americas, Africa and Asia from the early modern period to the present. It provides an opportunity for you to examine issues such as the impact of empires on the rest of the world, their rivalries, and the economic consequences of their imperial activity.

In the MLitt pathway there is also the opportunity to take a Directed Readings class in which you can create a tailor made module that best fits with your academic research interests in various aspects of Global History.

There is additionally the opportunity to study Global History in the highly flexible, research preparation masters the MLitt in Humanities. This course allows you to select modules from across the entire School of Humanities. It is an interdisciplinary degree with immense choice so you can tailor the degree to your own particular interests.

Undergraduate Teaching 

All members of the centre contribute to a range of undergraduate modules on our MA History Degree. In particular the following modules are either entirely focused on global historical themes, or there are particular ‘global’ perspectives introduced on broader team-taught courses: