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About the Centre for Global History, based at the University of Dundee

Globalisation and its discontents dominate our contemporary public and political discourse. While academics have acknowledged the global reach of historic empires from the Roman, to the Mongol, and the European empires in the non-western world from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries, global history is a fairly recent academic sub-specialism. Historians of global history have engaged with historical imperium; they explore the points of connection among empires and within the interstices of the empire and the local, including the migrations of goods and labour, armies and ideologies, technologies, and philosophies. Here at the University of Dundee, the city that was once known as the jueteopolis, our global historians are placed in the unique position of being able to  connect the local with the global because of Scotland’s and Dundee’s historic global and imperial pasts.

Our global historians at the Scottish Centre for Global History have a wide field of expertise which include collaboration in scientific knowledge, global trade and migration, transformations in medicine and environment, political protest and change, wars and religious conversion, cultures of masculinity in frontier zones. All of these have been central to the Scottish global experience. The Centre brings together members of the School of Humanities and other academic schools at the University of Dundee with interests in the development of Global History. Our interests span the globe from India to South America, from the East Indies to South Africa, and range from the sixteenth to the twentieth century.

The Centre helps facilitate academic collaboration among staff, students, and the wider community. Our research and dissemination is integrated within the History programmes teaching, including the masters course: M.Res. The Centre is currently developing a new, specific M.Litt in Global History which will be available soon. The Centre organises and hosts international conferences and symposia, research seminars, and a wide array of academic projects.

If you would like more information on The Scottish Centre for Global History, please contact the Director, Dr Nandini Bhattacharya at n.s.bhattacharya@dundee.ac.uk