Commercial Cosmopolitanism – International Conference

Dundee will host a two-day international conference on 2nd June 2017 on ‘Commercial Cosmopolitanism?: Policing contact zones and governing multinationals in the early modern world’.

Contact zones and the linked concepts of brokerage, go-betweens, hybridity, and transculturation have been amongst the most fertile and innovative fields of study in recent years. However, since the classic works by Polanyi and Curtin, the focus has been not on commercial interactions but more commonly  on the brokerage involved in knowledge production in imperial and colonial regimes. This workshop seeks to fill this gap by reintroducing economic history to the study of contact zones. Bringing together a range of established and early-career researchers, the workshop will set out the cutting edge of the field and thereby open up new avenues for research the intersection of economic, global, and cultural history.

Attendance at the event is free but registration is essential. If you wish to attend, please contact Jenny Gorrod at

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