Public History Blogs

Beyond our own global history blog, there are many other public history blog sources available. This page is a collection of similar public history blogs that bridge that gap between academia and the public by publishing academic research in a highly accessible fashion. They are not all related to global history, but they are invaluable spaces for postgraduates and early-career historians to publish their research and experiences to a public (and academic) audience to aid towards their career development.


Archive and Access: archives, the state, full texts

The blog, set up by Dr Aparna Balachandran and Dr Rochelle Pinto, and to which members of the SCGH collaborate, invites historians to present their perspectives and knowledge of archives and libraries as a practice that could be useful to future users. This initiative was intended to address two objectives: to map historical collections in the region (the focus by default is on South Asia and India) with information about their contents and use. SeeChange, which designed this blog and the site, addressed this by designing a directory page that listed archives and libraries in four regions of the country. Contributors could post information on collections they knew of by filling in a form on the page.

Doing History in Public

Doing History in Public is a collaborative blog written and edited by graduate historians both at the University of Cambridge and elsewhere. The blog is intended to cover a diverse range of historical periods, countries and themes. Their mission is to:

  • Explore the wider meaning of doing history in public through the use of social media.
  • Develop an online arena for the publication of commentaries, interviews, essays and other creative outputs.
  • Provide an opportunity for learning about online publishing and social media as tools for research, dissemination and public engagement.

The blog is primarily for graduate historians, though it should be of interest to those who see themselves as historians or would like to find out more about the idea of ‘Doing History in Public’.

Imperial & Global Forum

The Imperial & Global Forum is the blog of the Centre for Imperial and Global History at the History Department, University of Exeter. The Centre brings together the strong research expertise of the University’s eminent imperial historians. It comprises of one of the largest groups of imperial and global historians currently working in the UK. The blog offers a dynamic exploration of imperial history, and welcomes guest submissions.

History Matters

History Matters is a shared blog from the Department of History, University of Sheffield. Written by Sheffield historians (staff, students, alumni, and friends), you’ll find cutting-edge research, the history behind the headlines, and why we think history really matters. The blog covers the full-spectrum of history, with contributions coming from classicists, medievalists, and historians of modern and contemporary history and their various sub-disciplines.

LSE International History 

Owing to LSE’s specialism in international history, this blog is a good source for international and political history. The blog also emphasises the role of history in current debates as it distributes blogs based on current affairs with historical perspective.