Our podcasts are a combination of several long-term and short-term series that you can find and listen to on Spotify. These podcasts are short, sharp and insightful windows that showcase the diversity of global history and the researchers who study it.

  • Our long-term podcasts include our ‘Research Seminar’ podcast – where postgraduates and early-career academics join our team to discuss their research in a conversational setting.
  • Short-term podcasts are mini-series focused on specific areas and themes in global history. Academics from across the globe join our editors and members of the centre to debate and discuss the histories that shaped the globalised world we inhabit today.

Below is a list of our currently available podcasts via Spotify:

  • Malik al Nasir on Slavery and Family History
  • James Hoffmann on Specialty Coffee in the Century
  • Augustine Sedgewick on “Coffeeland: A History”
  • Jessica Albrecht on Feminism, Religion and Esotericism in the Global 19th Century
  • Tim Wendelboe on Coffee in the 21st Century
  • The Spanish Civil War’s Impact in the Americas
  • Incels in Modern Literature with Claire Binning
  • Researching Black British Histories with Olivia Wyatt
  • Capital Punishment in the British Empire with April Jackson
  • The Anti-Apartheid Movement (Series of 4 Podcasts)
  • Review of Global History

If you would like to discuss your research on our podcast, please contact us: SCGH@dundee.ac.uk.