Editorial Team

Our editorial team work incredibly hard to develop the activities, reach and scope of the centre. As well as their role in collaborating with contributors and editing submissions to the centre’s Global History Blog, our team have their own areas of responsibility within the centre and their own research and projects that they are working on. To find out more about them and their interests, see below.

Jordan Buchanan

Editor & Coordinator

Email: jbuchanan001@dundee.ac.uk

Jordan is an editor at the centre and coordinates both our online and offline activities. The context of Latin America in the globally connected past inspires his research; concentrating on Mexico, Brazil and Argentina as well as regional perspectives during the twentieth century.

Jordan obtained his MA in History and Politics at the University of Dundee in 2019. He completed the MPhil in World History at the University of Cambridge in 2020. In his research there, he assessed the consequences of the Panama Canal on Argentina’s international economy, 1914-29. He is currently working on an oral history project on the emergence of the specialty coffee industry in Mexico since 2008.

Liam Grieve

Editor & Digital Developer 

Liam is an editor and digital-developer for the centre, looking after our website and social media presence. He completed his BA (Hons) in Criminology in 2016 before taking a hiatus and completing his MLitt in History at the University of Dundee, in 2020.

Liam’s interests centre on the global development of Victorian imperialism, focusing on the internal and external motivations for empire and intersection of cultural, economic and political interests that shaped British imperialism – particularly in West Africa & North Africa.

Paul Feeney

Editor & Podcast Coordinator

Paul is an editor at the centre and is also coordinator of our public history podcast series, recently (Jan 2021) convening and producing our History of the Anti-Apartheid Movement series. Paul completed both his MA in History and Politics in 2019 and his MLitt in History in 2020 at the University of Dundee.

He has particular research interest in contemporary African studies and the economic history of West Africa.